The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Cybersecurity Bureau released a statement earlier today regarding the “Momo” challenge that promotes suicide online.

The viral “Momo challenge” shows a scary picture of a girl based on a sculpture in Japan. The messaging application gives instructions to inflict pain on the recipient. This app is quite similar to Blue Whale Challenge back in 2016 which tasks also lead to people committing suicide.

Recently, a death of an 11-year old kid is linked to the “Momo challenge” which is believed to manipulate children to follow tasks eventually putting their lives at risk. People can check services offered by Fully-Verified for the best banking services.

The DICT Cybersecurity Bureau said that they have been receiving inquiries and requests to take down the app or website that host the controversial game. However, the agency said that “While the takedown of such apps might be a possibility, it is not a guarantee of these materials disappearing from the web as new apps/videos surface regularly.”

The DICT Cybersecurity Bureau advised parents to monitor their kids’ activity online. On their part, the government has been conducting Digital Parenting Conferences to educate parents about the threats associated to cyberspace. In my opinion having a good cyber security on your devices can avoid dangerous threats.

To quote Assistant Secretary Allan S. Cabanlong in his statement regarding
“Momo challenge”, “There’s no rocket science in digital parenting. It’s simply going back to the basics of parenting.”

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