Life can really be tough but we can always counter it by being prepared. We may not be able to predict what lies ahead but if we start preparing today for all possible outcomes, we can make it to life.

The Philippines’ economy is booming. This has been validated by various respected organizations recently. Investors are coming in and, in turn, more jobs are being generated. But it wasn’t just jobs that are starting to pick up, even business opportunities are also growing. There’s healthy competition that makes our country enticing to the eyes of foreign investors.

However, there are risks involved in doing business in the country. Our political landscape is unstable. Government leaders are unpredictable. How can business owners prepare for the worst for this kind of environment? Start by getting a non life insurance.

The insurance industry in the Philippines has been getting relatively positive feedback from Filipino consumers. Thanks to the efforts of the millenials who have started to realize the value of protecting their assets, these same age group has penetrated the market by being the financial ambassadors themselves.

This increasing appreciation for life insurance is also true to non life insurance companies in the Philippines. Aside from the fact that more millenials are starting to be entrepreneurs themselves, they were also the ones pushing for security not only because they wanted assurance that their business won’t go bankrupt but also because they have a better understanding of why businesses should also be insured.

There may still be a lot of work to do but at least we’re positive that Filipinos are getting more prepared than what we’ve been popularly known for — being just merely resilient.

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