Grab, World Bank launch OpenTraffic


Traffic in Metro Manila is bad and it just keeps on getting worse. While the government is doing its part to at least help the struggling daily commuters, it’s just not enough. The capital needs a long term solution to breathe.

To assist in coming up with the best solution, transport network service Grab teamed up with World Bank to launch OpenTraffic, a platform that would serve as a database for live traffic updates and road condition reports.

Using the GPS data from the Grab units plying across the metro, information such as speed, flow and delays in the intersections will be incorporated in a crowd sourced map called the OpenStreet Maps.

Information gathered from OpenTraffic will be shared with government agencies who can then create appropriate and effective measures for traffic management.

Initially deployed in Manila, OpenTraffic will soon be rolled out in Cebu and Davao in the Philippines, and other Southeast Asian cities where Grab also operates.

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