Looks like the National Privacy Commission (NPC) has a lot of work to do. Another company’s website has just been compromised with its database being uploaded online.

According to the profile of the breached company, Team Workx “is one of the leading players in the IT Industry providing staff, strategies and technical solutions to some of the big IT companies in the Philippines.”

The small time IT staffing and recruitment company was hacked by a certain Zerion yesterday. Their website has since been defaced while a copy of their database has been posted in Anonfile.

We verified the content of the compromised database and found over five hundred confidential and personal information of applicants. The breached database contains the job seekers’ name, contact details, account credentials, employment history and other information commonly found in a resume.

The defaced website is still up and running. The IT personnel who manages this site must’ve no clue that the site has been hacked already else he should’ve temporarily shut it down.

We tried looking for any contact information of Team Worx to inform them of the breach but the company has little online fingerprints aside from their website. We will, however, coordinate this with NPC for them to initiate the investigation.


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