The official website of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Philippines, the local arm of the non-profit non-governmental organization with a global presence, has been compromised by FilTech Hackers led by Gr3ySh4DoW earlier last week.

The domain of JCI Philippines has been under maintenance even before the attack happened. The homepage says that they’re updating the website in preparation for the 2019 term. However, members may still be able to register, update and manage their respective profiles.

Gr3ySh4DoW left multiple pages of JCI Philippines with a message questioning the website’s security. The group also published the defaced pages on their Facebook Page as if to brag a supposed accomplishment.

As of this writing, all defacements made on the website were already taken down. There was no indication that the group managed to get hold of any personal information from JCI Philippines website.

Disclaimer: The author is a member of the JCI Philippines and has coordinated the security incident internally as soon as he received the report.

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One thought on “JCI PH website gets owned by FilTech Hackers”
  1. These websites are housed in external third-party web servers. In almost all cases, the cited company has no control over the site’s security nor any direct connection to it other than being a customer. While it may look like an establishment was “compromised”, it is more like their billboard along the highway was spray painted.

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