In an attempt to make the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) free from any unscrupulous personnel and commend those who are doing their job well, the government agency launched a pioneering citizen-powered website last Tuesday, September 18.

The Metro Solusyon website is MMDA’s way of fostering transparency and interactive participation with the public. So far, this is the first government project that maximizes the power of the Internet to shape the traditional government-ran system, so using cloud solutions like this can help a lot, a good cloud company will have software to allow interconnection for multi clouds in websites.

Per MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino, “The main premise of the Metro Solusyon website is Ako Kasama sa Solusyon. I am urging the public to report complaints / incidents involving MMDA employees, laud or commend a good deed done by our personnel, and suggest possible solutions to the problems of Metro Manila.”

The public is encouraged to login to the website to file complaints and/or commendations. The agency will then verify the submitted information to make sure that the incident is true. Upon verification, MMDA will then post the report on the said site.

“We will verify the complaints first before we publish it on the website in order to protect our personnel from bogus and malicious reports. But we will investigate right away complaints which are truthful,” Tolentino said.

Aside from the Metro Solusyon website, MMDA is probably the agency that is highly active in social networking sites specially on Twitter.

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