MRT app now available for metro commuters

After MMDA and TV5’s collaboration project Traffic Navigator (TNav), looks like Filipinos are really into the smartphone game as another helpful commuter-friendly application is now available for download.

First launched two months ago on Facebook and Twitter, MRTtrackr is now available for download as a full smartphone application.

As its tag line says, MRTtrackr is a ‘social train tracking app’ that covers the major train lines in Metro Manila – LRT lines 1 and 2, and MRT 3. The mobile application is currently on beta and is initally available for all Android smartphone users. Reports said that soon enough, the application will be available for download on BlackBerry, Windows and iOS-powered devices as well.
MRTtrackr helps you find the nearest station within your area, notifies you when you have arrived at the destination of your choice with voice alert notification and provides you the estimated crowdedness in the train station of your choice. It practically provides you with your train itinerary and can even give you up-to-date and relevant news and information.

Like other social applications, MRTtrackr empowers users to submit situation reports primarily to improve services on our public railroad systems.

Want to join the beta test? Fill out the form on this link and experience MRTtrackr first hand!

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  1. Blogger Engineer! Thanks for Blogging about us! 😀

  2. Blogger Engineer! Thanks for blogging about us! 😀

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