Some GCash users received an SMS alert today saying that they are eligible to claim P750 worth of GCash Ang Pao Rewards. Incidentally, GCash has an on-going Ang Pao promo that will run until February 14, 2019 for their Chinese New Year campaign.

GCash’s Facebook groups were filled with screenshots of the suspicious SMS. While most users commented that the message is a scam, some subscribers may still be compromised knowing that they have shared their personal information such as their names and phone numbers in the group just so they could take part of the Chinese New Year promo.

GCash’s Ang Pao promo entices users to win up to P88,888 every day by just sending P1 to at least two people. Desperate to win, GCash users flooded the FB groups with their mobile numbers with some sharing screenshots of their accounts.

This SMShing incident is similar to the previous GCash phishing report that was featured in this blog earlier this month. It used the free web development platform Wix to create a phishing site where gullible users will be redirected to.

Wix was quick to turn down the phishing site after it has been discovered and reported.

GCash users are reminded to be extra vigilant against these people who are thriving on their weakness to promos. Report any suspicious emails or SMS directly to GCash to disable the mobile number that these cybercriminals are using and to aid on their investigation should there be one.

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