Metrobank Phishing Mail Part 1
Metrobank Phishing Mail Part 1
Metrobank Phishing Mail Part 2

Credit card clients of Metrobank, one of the major banks in the Philippines, are now being targeted by the latest wave of phishing mails.

The said mail informs victims about fraudulent activity that was detected on their card thus blocking it temporarily. As part of the investigation, the bank may need to verify information and is requesting the recipient to do it by clicking the link indicated in the mail.

For recipients who have Metrobank ATM or debit card, they’re also advised to do the same verification steps.

This Metrobank Card phishing mail makes use of the bank’s email template including their logo.

The said ‘newly implemented verification’ link redirects to a page where cyber criminals also used the bank’s template making it even more legit to the eyes of their victims.

Metrobank Phishing Page Part 1
Metrobank Phishing Page Part 2

When clicked, the phishing site is asking a lot of information about the card holder including their online banking account credentials, credit card number, expiration, and security code.

For a legit bank email, this phishing mail has a lot of red flags. Customers of Metrobank should be extra wary of similar attempts to access their accounts.

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