Telstra Philippines
Telstra Philippines
Telstra Philippines

In the past few days, Filipinos have been very excited about the new telco player that is coming soon in the country promising a reliable high-speed Internet. Telstra, Australia’s largest mobile service provider, is rumored to be partnering with San Miguel Corporation.

While we may have seen at least one Telstra-related post shared on our social media feeds, the news still remains to be unofficial as there’s no announcement released yet to the public either from San Miguel Corporation or from Telstra.

Telstra to partner with San Miguel Corporation
Telstra to partner with San Miguel Corporation

One of the widely shared photo recently on Facebook is the rumored Telstra Philippines Headquarters. It does show the company’s official logo on top.

Telstra Philippines' rumored headquarters
Telstra Philippines’ rumored headquarters

Another hoax posts are coming from the growing number of Telstra Philippines Facebook pages, one of which has been sharing products such as SIM card packages labeled with ‘P80’ as its supposed price in the local market.

Telstra Philippines SIM cards rumored to be sold for P80
Telstra Philippines SIM cards rumored to be sold for P80

According to the blog When In Manila, Telstra does not have any official Facebook page specifically catering their rumored expansion in the Philippines.

As for the news, reports always quote that the two firms have not reached any deal yet. Talks are still ongoing though.

Filipinos’ excitement about Telstra Philippines did not come as a surprise. Local operators PLDT and Globe Telecom have failed to improve their offered internet service naming the country as one of the slowest internet connection in Asia if not in the world.

In a comment sent to Tech in Asia, Telstra shared “We can confirm that we are in discussions with San Miguel on a potential JV in the wireless market in the Philippines but no deal has been reached, and there is no certainty one will be reached.”

There you go. Telstra Philippines isn’t official yet. While we are all excited about the possibility of having a third major telco player, for now, all we can do is just hope for the best.

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