Nuffnang Philippines, a leading online advertiser in the country, posted a photo today in its Facebook page the image of what looks like their own ATM.

The Nuffnang ATM is obviously backed by Security Bank as shown in the picture.

Just a few months ago, the company has been very vocal on its plans of changing the traditional payout option for their blogger partners. They’ve mentioned of creating an ATm where bloggers can easily withdraw funds. Nuffnang is also thinking of lowering the minimum cashout amount to at least Php500. This is definitely a good news for most bloggers out there as they won’t have to wait to reach Php2,000, the current cashout treshold, to withdrew their money.

Nuffnang has yet to release any official statement regarding this news other than the posted status in Facebook. Per Nuffnang Philippines post, this breakthrough will be launched in 2013. Here’s how they introduce this news on their Facebook page:

“Good news, Nuffnagers! Because we desire to serve you better by giving you more efficient cash outs… We introduce to you The Nuffnang ATM!” 

With this new Nuffnang ATM being rolled out in 2013, looks like we, Nuffnangers, will be looking forward for a great new year!

This post was first published at KabayanTech.

Photo Credit: Nuffnang Philippines

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