Fresh from their ABS-CBN stint yesterday, Sanji & Jed of the hacking group Philippines CyberSec Community attacked the websites of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

In a report to sent to us today, the website of the Philippine National Police Foundation, Inc. (PNPFI) has been defaced. The culprits behind the attack are the duo who left a message in the main page saying “Patch Your Website Security”. The defacement only took place today. Hopefully, the web administrators of the website are already working on this security issue.

The group also targetted another PNP website yesterday. The website of PNP’s Directorate for Personnel and Records Management (PNP-DPRM) was purposely hacked to test a how-to hacking article if it’s working. The group is claiming that they were able to upload a web shell backdoor after exploiting a vulnerability found in the website.

The group’s intention may be good – that is, to remind the IT personnel of these government sites to ensure that timely patches and updates are deployed. However, we do not encourage others to do the same thing as these activities are still considered illegal.

We will bring these reports to PNP’s attention. We’ll keep this article updated as we get feedback.

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