Thieves nowadays are getting digital. Skimming devices are no longer rare as they used to be. So for us, customers, we have to be more vigilant.

Here’s another instance of a reported skimming device found in an ATM. What’s even more concerning is that the affected machine is found inside a very popular mall. How could these criminals have planted such device without being noticed by the branch security personnel?

According to netizen Ciedelle Campanero, as she was about to withdraw money from an ATM inside SM Megamall last July 6, 2017, 12:56 PM, she noticed something suspicious in the card slot. The color of the card slot was pale green “which seems to be detachable and the opening was tighter than the usual.”

Campanero immediately reported what she noticed and the bank confirmed her suspicion after three hours. The card slot that Campanero noticed was indeed a skimming device.

Read her entire post below which has since become viral for having more than 5,000 reactions, almost 8,000 shares and close to 5,000 comments as of this writing:

Campanero did not mention the name of the bank but we could all guess the bank that has a branch inside SM Megamall. There was no mention of this in mainstream media yet. The bank has not issued any statement as well probably because their brand has not been dragged in this new incident of ATM skimming nor any of their clients reporting a financial loss.

What we could probably learn from this is to be more vigilant. Campanero won’t be able to report this if she was not able to notice that “unusual thing” in the card slot.

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