Smart Bro Micro SIM is Finally Here!

I remember a few weeks ago helping a celebrity I’m following on Twitter about her problem using her Smart SIM for her iPad. Back then, I was not aware that Smart has Micro SIMs that are suitable for iPad users. Globe was the first to introduce it to the local market.
Just this afternoon, I went to the Smart Wireless Center to get an update about my pending dispute for my Smart Gold account. While waiting for the frontliner, I saw a leaflet about the new Smart Bro Micro SIM which surprised me!
Well, I may not have an iPad but being a loyal Smart subscriber, I am really happy that Smart has finally come up with their own Micro SIM though ordinary SIM cards are also usable for iPads; just cut it the size of Micro SIMs.
Smart’s Micro SIM is available for PhP 999 a month so for those who have iPads and other Micro SIM-enabled gadgets, get this one now to enjoy ‘fast connection and nationwidest coverage!’

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  1. Hi Fjordan! I understand that this is only for iPads right? Sounds exciting. While Globe is known to be an exclusive Apple product network, is Smart partnering with other smart phones? I am not familiar yet with other gadgets that use microsim other than iPad

    actually a microsim just a trimmed sized regular SIM. Steve Jobs always has a knack for exclusivity

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