Last October 24, I was invited to be part of Sulit’s first blogger affair called Sulit Clique. Held at Spicy Fingers, Greenbelt 2, the event was attended by 19 bloggers from all sorts of niches.

At first, I thought Sulit Clique is a new service feature that the brand is adding to its website and they just want us to cover it for web exposure. It turns out that the event itself is for us bloggers who, similar to the success of the company, started to put up a site a few years back out of passion.

Before the event officially started, we were able to at least get to mingle with some of the invited bloggers and Sulit’s management.

In a conversation I had with Ms. Jennifer Nery Magboo, Sulit’s Corporate Communications Supervisor, she asked us if we’re already registered Sulit members (or ‘Sulitizens’ as the company call it nowadays). I responded by saying ‘I think so’ as I’m familiar with the brand Sulit and how the company works but I’m not really sure if I’m indeed a registered Sulitizen.

To verify my registration details, I visited Sulit and logged in using my email account. Surprisingly, I’m a Sulitizen since September 26, 2008. Isn’t that cool?

Though not an active Sulit user (status still shows ‘Sulitizen-to-be’), I think I registered back then so I can check and comment to the offers posted by thousands of Sulitizens.

Anyway, I had my profile updated and as Christmas is getting nearer, I’d definitely check their ads from time to time for great deals.

Going back to the Sulit Clique event, the company also introduced to us the history of Sulit. As I was saying earlier, both bloggers and Sulit’s founders share the same startup story. 

RJ David, a web developer-slash-architect, and his girlfriend-turned-wife Arianne started Sulit back on September 11, 2006. The attempt to put up Sulit was an experiment but the couple noticed the continued growth of the site which led them to register a sole-proprietorship entity under the name Netrepreneur Connections Web Services or NetCon in April 17, 2007.

Like most of the bloggers, the founders started Sulit at the comfort of their home. But due to the growing demand for Sulit, the company eventually expanded to put up an office in Ortigas in August 2009.

Sulit Clique is the company’s way of paying back to fellow netizens who continuously support the brand. I am now a Sulit Cliquer and at the same time a Sulitizen. I think, ‘Sulitizen Cliquer’ is a more appropriate name, what do you think?

Anyway, I enjoyed the night with fellow Sulitizen Cliquers. Hosted by RX 93.1’s DJ Gelli Victor, there were games, prizes and freebies which definitely suits for the brand – a very Sulit night of fun and surprises!

Unlike Bimby asking his mom what sulit is, I won’t have to do so as I’ve experienced it first hand. Sulit is more than just the famous line ‘getting more than what you’ve paid for.’

Today, Sulit remains as the leading classified ads website in the Philippines and is the only local brand to be included in list of the top 10 websites in the country according to Alexa ratings.

Photo Credits: Sulit

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