Facebook Home turns any Android into a Facebook Phone

There are a lot of rumors about Facebook's plan of rolling out it's own smartphone but Mark Zuckerberg just shrugged it off saying it is “so clearly the wrong strategy for us”.In a recent launch event, Zuckerberg announced a … [Read more...]

Optimize your Android Phone’s Battery with Longevity (Beta)

Smartphones have conquered the mobile industry with its capability to not only received and make calls and SMS but also do multiple tasks. With such limitless features, smartphone users usually struggle with the battery life of … [Read more...]

SMART intros first Netphone

SMART is the pioneering telecom company in the Philippines that first introduced their own colored phone via the Amazing Phone. And now that the generation is into mobile internet and other data functionalities, the company is … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S: Exclusive to Globe Subscribers!

Another new phone sets foot to the Philippine islands in an exclusive deal with Globe Telecom - the Samsung Galaxy S.Globe subscribers can now enjoy this latest Android smartphone which is an instant hit in South Korea when … [Read more...]