There are a lot of rumors about Facebook’s plan of rolling out it’s own smartphone but Mark Zuckerberg just shrugged it off saying it is “so clearly the wrong strategy for us”.

In a recent launch event, Zuckerberg announced a familiar Facebook service probably to address the call for a Facebook phone.

“Today we’re finally going to talk about that Facebook phone. Or more accurately we’re going to talk about how you can turn your Android phone into a great social, simple device,” announced Zuckerberg.

With Facebook Home, it will turn your Android smartphone into a Facebook phone as the social network itself will be part of the home screen along with it’s other services deeply integrated in the Android operation system (OS).

The first Android phone in the market that will allow this Facebook Home integration is the mid-level HTC First. Looking back, HTC was also the first mobile manufacturer that the Internet giant tapped to include the Facebook button on it’s hardware specification. Remember HTC Chacha and HTC Status.

Anyway, Facebook Home won’t be that exclusive to HTC. On the release date of HTC First in the market (in the US’s AT&T’s network), Facebook Home will become available as well to HTC’s One and One X, and Samsung Galaxy’s S III, S4 and Note II.

The move to heavily integrate Facebook in an existing mobile platform isn’t first with Android as well. Facebook already did this to Windows Phone. The same thing happenned to Apple when it allowed the social network’s tools to be integrated in iOS 6.

What’s new with Facebook Home though is the new messaging system called Chatheads – the mobile version of the Facebook Chat and Messages rolled into one.

If there’ll be a hype on this newest Facebook news, that will happen as soon as people get to experience Facebook Home. Until then, this news is just not as exciting as we all have expected for a media launch.

Learn more about the Facebook Home here.

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