Everyday living can get tougher and harder as all people struggle to make all ends meet. Everyone is trying their best to cope up and survive. Despite the hardships, Filipinos are known to be the happiest people in the world simply because even though life gets harder, we still find a reason to smile and be happy as we go through life.

vibe on

Viber,the country’s leading mobile messaging app, advocates the spread of uplifting messages to counter everyday setbacks with its new #VibeOn campaign which invites users to turn challenges into good vibes through the Vibe On! Sticker Pack.


Make your viber group more bubbly with Viber’s Vibe On! Sticker Pack which has inspiring message stickers like“Kaya mo yan!”, “Chill ka lang”, “Ikain mo na lang yan”, and “Go, friend!”.

“Viber wants its signature stickers to do more than just enliven conversationsso we came up with the Vibe On! Sticker Pack. It promotes a culture of encouragement among Filipino Viber users and each sticker is like a virtual consoling hug or pat on the back that will surely turn woes into wonderful opportunities to cheer family and friends up. We Filipinos are famous for our ability to smile despite our problems and this new campaign highlights that endearing trait. We invite Viber users to download the Vibe On! Sticker Pack and create more heartwarming moments with friends and family,” said Crystal Lee, Viber Country Manager for the Philippines.


da best ka

So go on and spread the cheerful vibe and stand out from your group conversations with the Vibe On! Sticker pack. It’s free so download it now on your smartphones. Make somene’s day more livelier by sending and flooding your loved ones with these inspiring stickers from Viber.

For more updates, follow#VibeOn on Public Chats or visit www.viber.com/viberph. You can also follow @ViberPH on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and search for #VibeOn.

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