Last Sunday, September 22, Blackberry scheduled the release of their BBM for iOS and Android, the app that everyone’s buzzing about since the release of the iOS7  update. But what happened was, the BBM for Android app leaked and more than a million users have downloaded it.  Because of that, Blackberry was forced to delay the launch of the official app for both iOS and Android.

20130927-231237.jpgLast Monday, Andrew Bocking, BBM head, have released a statement through a blogpost stating, “It will take some time and I do not appreciate launching this week” [referring to the release of the app]. It was stated also that they were aware that there was an issue in the unofficial version that leaked and it resulted in “volumes of data traffic orders of magnitude higher than normal for each active user”.

The BBM team was working hard to block the release of the leaked app, but there are still no definite plan on when the official app would be released.

What do you think happened?

In my opinion, Blackberry should have known and anticipated that Android and iOS users are much more larger in comparison to Blackberry users, therefore they could have anticipated the volume of users that will actively download the app. They could have prepared their servers to accumulate that magnitude of data that will access/download the app.

With just a million of users that accessed the leaked app, which is just a fraction of the total iOS and Android users, their servers were not able to accommodate the massive amount of data request. How much more if the official app was released that day? I think the same scenario will still happen.

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