Windows XP reaches End of Support today


Windows and other software companies who rely primarily on the operating system for version upgrades have been proactively educating consumers to migrate their computers to Windows 8.1 as XP is about to become obsolete.

For 12 years of its existence, Windows XP has become one of the most stable operating systems making it the widely used and most preferred OS. But good things never really last forever. As we all know, the only thing that is constant in the world is change. And that change in Windows XP is what we’re all facing now.

Today, April 8th, all computers running in Windows XP will no longer receive any security updates from Microsoft nor will be accommodated for technical support. Windows XP reached its End of Support (EOS).

While Windows XP computers will still work should users prefer to ignore its EOS, these computers are more likely prone to viruses and other malicious attacks. Other software updates may no longer cater the Windows XP customers as well. Also, drivers support for current hardware on XP computers may no longer be available.

All Windows XP users are advised to either upgrade their computer to 8.1 or consider buying a new machine if current system requirements won’t fit the upgrade.

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