BPI Cards’ Fraud Report phishing mail

The phishing saga continues. The group behind the Metrobank Card phishing scheme we featured last time is seemed to be the same people behind BPI Card’s variant of this attack.

This Sunday, a BPI Card version of the phishing mail that front itself as a fraud report started to arrive in our mailboxes. It used the same technique  – templated email format and the urgency in account verification. When clicked, it would lead you to a templated page where all important information about your card will be phished.

It also used the same domain to host the malicious BPI verification page.

Account cardholders of BPI are advised to be extra vigilant on the emails that they’re getting as you might be one of the targeted victims. Always check the legitimacy of the email. – verify the link, the sender of the email and even the content. Call the bank’s hotline if you think your account has been compromised.


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  1. You know what my cancel were cannot receive my money in my bpi im reported since june 20 2018 its too long to wait what happen for this eugenia

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