Google Plus rolls out Games Beta

I can still remember how Facebook became such a huge hit and addicting site a couple of years ago because of the game applications. It eventually outnumbered the then reigning social networking site in the country – Friendster – because of Facebook’s features that are new to netizens.

Now, Google+ seemed to be following this trend. Just today, the fastest rising social networking site introduced a very new feature – Google Plus’ Games.

The team behind the Games Page has yet to fully rolled out the service to all G+ users. As of now, I, for instance, have no access to the games section yet. According to some report, if a user is part of the Games Beta, they should be able to see the Games Page icon beside the Circles Page.

Google Plus‘s first available games are those from the popular game developers like Zynga, PopCap and Rovio.

I’ll be sharing more about Google Plus Games once I experienced it first hand. Watch out for more information about this!

Photo Credit: Official Google Blog

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