Smart, Sun partner with Waze for easy driving


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Smart Communications and Sun Cellular, two of the Philippines’s largest telecommunications providers, partner with Waze, the social GPS navigation app, to bring awareness to Filipino drivers of the value of using the application when driving.

The strategic partnership include Smart subsidiary Voyager Innovations to help commercialize the Waze app to the largest and growing number of the Smart and Sun Cellular’s subscribers. The promotion of Waze usage will start with the pre-installation of the app to all applicable smartphones offered by the two networks both in postpaid and prepaid.

Waze uses GPS navigation technology similar to other navigation apps but what makes it social is that users can easily report traffic and road conditions which the app collates to provide accurate reports to other users. Through its partnership with the MVP-led mobile telcos, Waze users can depend with the network’s reliable data connection.

Waze Philippines map will also show logos of the brands Smart and Sun Cellular.

Are you a Waze user? Download the app now and experience how helpful the app is when commuting or driving specially in the congested roads of Metro Manila.


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