Polaris RZR XP 1000 | Photo Credit: Ammoland

There is a new Polaris RZR over the horizon. The 107 horsepower RZR XP 1000 was unveiled to those fans that had the good fortune to attend DuneFest in the community of Winchester Bay, Oregon this year. DuneFest is considered the best sporting event in Oregon, and it is a full five days of racing for adults and kids. It also includes a Poker Run, Sand Drags and Moto Cross racing. There are movies and rock concerts for people to attend, and there are demo rides of all the newest and baddest models of off-road entertainment.

The XP 1000 was rolled out to dealers the day before the opening of DuneFest, which made it an extremely quick turnover from dealer to owner. The first day of DuneFest provided enthusiasts their first opportunity to test ride the XP 1000.

By giving DuneFest attendees a chance to ride and own a new XP 1000, Polaris created a marketing frenzy without placing an advertisement. They allowed people to touch and experience the power behind this side-by-side. They also offered a fully loaded model up for auction with the proceeds headed to local Winchester Bay charities.

Polaris is taking the XP 1000 on a whirlwind tour as they go to other off-road events to show off the prowess of their latest king of the back roads. Polaris is best known for their high-quality, innovative products in both off and on road vehicles. Anyone who needs parts for their RZR can buy Polaris RZR parts at SideBySideStuff.com.

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