SmartBro SurfTV: Not Just Another Watchpad or iWanTV!

I have said this before as a comment to CITE-Technologian‘s blog post about the new SurfTV – I don’t really like it!

Unlike PLDT Watchpad and Bayan’s iWanTV that let you use your computer with an access to high speed internet to catch your favorite TV shows, SmartBro SurfTV is not that ‘high-tech’. It just turns your TV into a monitor as a replacement for you to access internet. That’s it!

After commercial advertisements about SmartBro SurfTV flooded our TVs, radios, broadsheets and even on EDSA, I realized that somehow, it gives more people the chance to experience a faster internet access without buying a computer or renting. Those who can’t afford to buy a laptop or a computer set, as long as they have a TV, they can always plug SmartBro SurfTV kit and surf the internet using their own TV.

If you have some technical questions about SmartBro SurfTV, you can check this helpful post from a blogger friend – CITE Technologian.
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  1. Anonymous says

    mukhang ok itong surftv

  2. hmm… i wonder if this surftv is as good as ramon bautista says it is here:

  3. Anonymous says

    i like this idea from smart. :p

  4. Hi! You could check Smart’s goals for SurfTV in this press release:

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