I read it first from Cebu Tech Blogger. I’ve been looking for a cheaper way to maximize my iPhone using my Smart Gold plan. I tried their Smart Unli Surf packages but for a month of subscription, it will cost me PhP1,200 on top of my existing plan. There’s also another option, upgrading my plan to the Smart Gold Unli Data Plan which is PhP1,500 per month inclusive of the free SMS and calls. Looking at the amounts, you can easily conclude that maximizing the features of your smartphone will always cost you more.

I called Smart’s customer service early today to avail of the one month subscription to ALWAYS ON, Smart’s newest data package. I’m hoping that the service is way better than my experience with Globe’s SuperSurf50 (which also has a data limit – 800mb).

Anyway, for those who are also interested in trying this newest data offering, just follow this syntax:

Text ON(space)AMOUNT and send to 2200. Ex. ON 300 to 2200.

Here’s the matrix of all other denominations of ALWAYS ON:

To give everyone an idea of how much a 250MB (for those availing the PhP300 per month subscription) data cap can give you, here’s Smart’s breakdown:

1,500,000 tweets
15,000 Facebook posts,
15,000 emails

That’s quite fair rather than availing the Smart Unli Data package of PhP1,200 per month.

ALWAYS ON is available to SMART Postpaid (Smart Gold, Gold Lite and Infinity), Prepaid (Smart Buddy) and Broadband (SmartBro).

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