Just as expected, during the Smart Holiday Camp Out held at the Powerplant Mall where iPhone 4S was launched, Smart revealed their iPhone packages both for postpaid and prepaid. First posted on Twitter, the first Apple offering of the network is promising in terms of pricing.

Smart was the first of the two networks in the Philippines to reveal their iPhone 4S pricing. Globe Telecom, its rival network, followed the move by showing their offer early this morning also at their own launching party at the Ayala Museum.

For prepaid, Smart offers all three variants of the iPhone 4S with 16GB at PhP33,200, 32GB at PhP38,200 and 64GB at PhP43,200.

For most, getting the postpaid subscription is practical since Smart has the lowest initial cash out for their iPhone 4S as compared to its competitor. The lowest plan available with Smart is the Plan 999 for the 16GB unit which includes 100 free minutes of calls, 40 free SMS and 250MB of free data.

Check the other Smart iPhone 4S plans at the table below.

The downside of the plan, however, is that the network has a separate plan if you want to avail the unit with unlimited data subscription. The lowest, for the 16GB unit, is at Plan 4000.

The network also made the iPhone 4S available for retention plan. Unfortunately, Smart does not give any rebates or discounts for their long-time customers if you availed it on retention.

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