Staying Safe While On The Job

There is the opportunity for joy to be had and a sense of a job well done to accomplish every day while at work. Unfortunately, there is also the opportunity to get hurt – visit Bengal Law website for further details.


 Most jobs come with some level of hazard. It could be something as small as carpal tunnel syndrome or something major like the potential for death. To stay safe while working, it is prudent to adhere to all safety protocols and be mindful of the moment. A lapse in concentration is all that it takes to get injured. The following are some potential workplace dangers that may exist where you work.

Regardless of the type of business, fire is always a danger. It is estimated that in the US nearly 80,000 businesses are affected by a fire each to varying degrees. To stay safe it is important for employers to have regular fire drills so that employees are aware of the nearest exit in regards to their work area. It is also prudent for employees to know where fire extinguishers are located throughout the facility and be trained in its use.

Repetitive Injury

A common cause of workplace injury stems from repeating the same motion over and over again. Spending all day typing is a good example of this type of action. The way to avoid injuries that can come from this is to ensure that adequate breaks are taken.

Electrical Hazard

Electrical hazards can be found in a variety of business. It could be something as simple as overloading a socket in an office setting or the possibility of being harmed by an arc flash in an industrial work environment. Typically speaking, those who service electrical systems or work in close proximity to electrical junctures are at the most risk. To maintain a safe workplace, all employees should be trained in OSHA safety procedures. Potential hazardous electrical areas should be locked and restricted to authorized personnel only. An arc flash hazard analysis can be performed to help prevent accidents.

Getting injured at work is very preventable. Training in safety protocols and adhering to best practices can eliminate most if not all hazardous situations.

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