The world has significantly changed within the past decades and it continues to change due to the rapid growth of various technologies that help shape up the present and future generations. Thanks to the geniuses of the past generations and, the creativity and ingenuity of the modern world, we now fully enjoy a life way more comfortable than what we used to have.

But, the evolution of technology has its downside. Human nature, in itself, is a huge weakness in the picture. We’re radical beings capable both of building and, at the same time, destroying everything. We’re emotional – a complete opposite of the technology that we have since created. That’s what we are. And, that will continue to be us regardless of what generations are we into. Because we are all wired to be just like that.

Our present life may have been hugely intertwined with technology. Science managed to extend the lives of the sick and dying. Those who have been completely isolated have been reunited with the rest of the world, thanks to the internet. Those with disabilities were now able to partake in the society. We were even able to create a virtual world that we can all control according to our will. It’s just a matter of time for us to discover whatever lies beyond the horizon. Our contributions to the world cannot just be simply put aside because we made the world what it is now. Here is the vulnerability management in the cloud that one can get to keep threats away.

However, we are not perfect beings. We have our own share of vulnerabilities. The ubiquitous technology that we have developed over time may look absolutely stunning. The Internet of Things (IoT) is starting to gain popularity not only in the progressive nations but even up to those areas where they need this technology the most. It’s thrilling, but at the same time, scary. Are we going to lose the very essence of our humanity to the technology that was only born out of our intelligence? That’s a question that only us can really answer. But, it’s very critical that we answer it now because that will be the basis of this generation’s next actions towards the digital future that we are all dreaming of.

We are now entering into a digital revolution – a modern-day world war. Gone are the days that we physically hold guns to counter our enemies. Leave that up to the police and military. Present violence resides in the virtual world but the effects are of the same level. The strategies, especially the maritime cyber security strategies are now more complicated as you now require having technical skill sets on top of the usual leadership must-haves. Imagine toppling a global conglomerate by simply deploying a ransomware. Or, shutting down a government by means of a cyber attack. These are all possible. Anyone who will claim otherwise is a fool.

So, how are we going to protect our digital assets? How can we empower everyone to help secure our organizations against possible perpetrators? These questions, along with a thousand more variations, may sound overwhelming. It is, but, we have to start somewhere and at some point you’ll want to use a security testing company to test the security of the sites. And, we all have to start now.

The problem with security is that it also touches with operations. In a corporate setup, for example, availability may be compromised as you put more security controls, all the more tighten it. Users may not be able to get what they need in a timely manner because of bureaucracy that was created due to safety and privacy concerns. Business strategy may also be severely affected because of slow processing that’s taking place after security measures have been deployed. These concerns will definitely translate to unnecessary company losses.

While there are no perfect security tools or recommendations out there, it may help if security practitioners begin to collaborate with one another. Sharing best practices would help in customizing the available security measures according to their organization. It wouldn’t hurt to be a little bit more generous provided that you know your limitations. Highly confidential information should still be handled accordingly. Still businesses should get a cyber security company for their security.

To cite an example, Bankers Association of the Philippines (BAP), the leading organization of financial institutions in the country, has started sharing security alerts and other related information within its members to help one another. While the knowledge sharing may not be limited to security, this kind of approach is highly effective for industry-specific organizations. Not only that this would alert them to possible attacks, this would also help them counter and chase any culprits who may attempt to compromise other members of the group.

Aside from collaboration, there has to be continuous education. Awareness is the key to patch human vulnerabilities. As the information security industry puts it, we are the weakest link in this digital chain. So, if you only train your IT personnel, you are leaving a huge gap in your security posture. Security awareness should be cascaded to every single person in your organization – be it a staff, an executive or even your third-party partners.

Now, going back to the deployment of security and managing availability, it will now be easier to draft policies to govern your organization once you have established a foundation. If everyone’s in sync, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a harmonious operation within your organization. Of course, this is the ideal setup, but, it’s not like a too-good-to-be-true offer that scams you if you follow through. If your people completely understand what these policies are for and are now working within your same wavelength, business will run smoothly.

So, you’ve got to think out of the box to solve an extraordinary problem. Cybersecurity isn’t a problem that can be answered by a one-size-fits-all solution. As it evolves, so are you and your policies. You have to keep up with the fast pacing technology in order to keep your business up and running. Remember what former FBI Director Robert Mueller once said, “There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be.” That would leave you no other options. You’ve just got to be prepared. You wouldn’t want hackers to leave you empty-handed, right? So, fight back. Now!

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