Duplicate, fake FB accounts surge in PH

A lot of Facebook users have been busy checking for duplicate accounts today as more Filipinos share posts on their timeline asking for help to report the fake profiles. Initially, students and alumni of the University of the … [Read more...]

Facebook, Google team up for BountyCon

Earlier this year, Facebook and Google teamed up to launch BountyCon, an invitation-only security conference in Singapore on March 30-31. The two companies are gathering the top security researchers in the Asia-Pacific region … [Read more...]

Facebook phishing link arrives in Messenger as friendly message

Facebook is such a huge social media platform that various hackers use it as a training ground or even as an initial step towards a more sophisticated targetted attack. In a recent report sent to us, a user received a message from … [Read more...]

Duterte Facebook spam emerges

In just a short period of time, the newly elected president of the Philippines is making a huge noise especially now that he's targeting every single drug user and pusher in the country. With this recent move, it's not surprising … [Read more...]

Fake Philippine Airlines P99 Promo Page

  Here's another small time phishing scheme that makes use of Facebook. A new page has been put up to front as Philippine Airlines' promo page. The fake PAL site offers a discounted fare of P99 on all destinations … [Read more...]

Facebook opens office in the Philippines

Known for being the social media capital of the world, the biggest social network Facebook opened its first office in the Philippines today, April 20. Dan Neary, Facebook's vice president for Asia Pacific, shared his excitement … [Read more...]

Old Facebook spams continue to spread in 2015

It's already 2015 and yet some Facebook users are still not aware that there's absolutely no way that an app can share an information about the list of those who checked or viewed your profile and changing your Facebook … [Read more...]

Facebook activates Safety Check in PH amid Typhoon Ruby onslaught

Social network giant Facebook just activated Safety Check in the Philippines and neighboring countries amid Typhoon Ruby (Hagupit) onslaught. Inspired by the tsunami that hit Japan three years ago, Facebook helps users of their … [Read more...]

Facebook is down

I was trying to access links in my news feed to read interesting articles when I noticed that I'm always getting the "Sorry, something went wrong." notification of Facebook. I initially thought it has something to do with my data … [Read more...]

‘Facebook accounts to be permanently disabled’ spam

Looks like every week, a new variant of Facebook spam is preying on the 1.28 billion users of this social network platform. After the Facebook Chat verification scam and ‘How to get your friend’s Facebook password’ scam, a similar … [Read more...]