In just a short period of time, the newly elected president of the Philippines is making a huge noise especially now that he’s targeting every single drug user and pusher in the country. With this recent move, it’s not surprising that he’s name is always on the headlines.

However, President Duterte is not only topping the headlines of various news and media outlets. Digong, as most of his supporters fondly call the president, is also a favorite of netizens making him a subject for spam-related attacks.

The latest Facebook spam that we have encountered involves Duterte. Similar to other click-bait campaigns in social media platforms, Duterte’s Facebook spam makes use of catchy photos and caption. Look at a sample screenshot below:


The spam post lures Facebook users that it would show them the president’s sex video but when clicked, it would redirect them to a page where it will ask for their Facebook credentials. See the landing page below:


If the users went on entering their Facebook user accounts and passwords, they have just successfully offered their accounts to the culprits.

This phishing attempt that uses Duterte is just one of the many Facebook spam posts that are now emerging online. It is best to check the sites where you’re being redirected to if you have clicked on similar posts or better yet, avoid clicking such items on your news feed.

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