Fake Promo Alert: Free Netflix access due to COVID-19 quarantine

You may have seen a couple of your friends sharing a link to an on-going promo of Netflix wherein users can enjoy free two months of premium subscription to keep everyone busy at home and comply with the government's mandate for … [Read more...]

Spicy Noodle Challenge Casualty Facebook Spam

You and your friends may have tried to do the viral spicy noodle challenge. You may have been dared by someone to record yourself while eating the spicy Korean noodles and have it posted on your Facebook account. The trend just … [Read more...]

Duterte Facebook spam emerges

In just a short period of time, the newly elected president of the Philippines is making a huge noise especially now that he's targeting every single drug user and pusher in the country. With this recent move, it's not surprising … [Read more...]

New Facebook spam features Baron Geisler vs Kiko Matos URCC fight

To make sure you're capturing the right audience, you have to be where they are. That's precisely what spammers are doing. Social media is now a target platform for these people as they use the viral subjects to leverage their … [Read more...]

Facebook Spam: Jordanian pilot burned by ISIS alive

When Fox News decided to publish and host the video showing how ISIS militants burned the captive 27-year-old Jordanian pilot Lt. Moath al-Kasasbeh to death, it instantly became viral. However, other news organizations did not … [Read more...]

Old Facebook spams continue to spread in 2015

It's already 2015 and yet some Facebook users are still not aware that there's absolutely no way that an app can share an information about the list of those who checked or viewed your profile and changing your Facebook … [Read more...]

Dead kid wakes up at own funeral spreads as Facebook spam

The most recent local news about a kid waking up at her own funeral in Zamboanga del Sur made rounds in the social network landscape. The news is trending enough for spammers to leverage on it on their recent click-jacking … [Read more...]

‘Facebook accounts to be permanently disabled’ spam

Looks like every week, a new variant of Facebook spam is preying on the 1.28 billion users of this social network platform. After the Facebook Chat verification scam and ‘How to get your friend’s Facebook password’ scam, a similar … [Read more...]

Anne Curtis’ jellyfish incident used in Facebook video spams

Anne Curtis who plays the role of 'Dyesebel' on its latest remake in ABS-CBN has been the subject of entertainment news in the last  couple of days after being stung by a box jellyfish when taping the said primetime … [Read more...]

Facebook video spams trick users to ‘like’ certain Facebook Pages

Almost everyone has a Facebook account. With the availability of data connection in almost every device nowadays, we can now easily share news without having it verified. These shared statuses may come in a form of texts, pictures … [Read more...]