‘Facebook accounts to be permanently disabled’ spam


Looks like every week, a new variant of Facebook spam is preying on the 1.28 billion users of this social network platform. After the Facebook Chat verification scam and ‘How to get your friend’s Facebook password’ scam, a similar technique is being used in this week’s version of the same web threat.

The spammy post is asking users to register by following a list of instructions so as not to permanently disable their Facebook accounts.

Using Pastebin where the spammer posted codes asking users to copy it and then paste it on the web browser console, friends of the Facebook account that followed these steps will be auto-tagged on the comment section of the page where this instruction originated from. Looking at it, the Facebook Page is pointing to ‘FB Mark Zuckerberg’ which is obviously not the official page of the Facebook founder. The said malicious Facebook Page, per further checking, was just created on May 2 and has garnered 10, 927 likes as of this writing because of this spam.



This attack is obviously small time but still, a huge number of people are still falling for it. We advise everyone to report the said post and Facebook Page to avoid further spreading the spam.

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