BDO smishing continues

New variants of text-based phishing messages aka smishing have been seen recently online with quite a number of netizens posting screenshots of what they've received supposedly from BDO. Earlier this week, BDO released an … [Read more...]

Fake Philippine Airlines P99 Promo Page

  Here's another small time phishing scheme that makes use of Facebook. A new page has been put up to front as Philippine Airlines' promo page. The fake PAL site offers a discounted fare of P99 on all destinations … [Read more...]

‘Facebook accounts to be permanently disabled’ spam

Looks like every week, a new variant of Facebook spam is preying on the 1.28 billion users of this social network platform. After the Facebook Chat verification scam and ‘How to get your friend’s Facebook password’ scam, a similar … [Read more...]

‘How to get your friend’s Facebook password’ scam

Similar to last week's Facebook chat verification scam, Facebook users are once again being targeted for another attack this time using a video to instruct users on how they can get their friend's Facebook password. The same … [Read more...]

Facebook chat verification scam

You might have recently received a notification from a Facebook friend about verifying your Facebook Chat. On that note, you'll see that everyone's being tagged on the comment section and there's a sense of urgency that is … [Read more...]