While GMA-7’s daily variety game show ‘Wowowin’ continues to win more viewers since they launch the ‘Tutok to Win’ segment during the community quarantine season, the TV program also attracted a lot of scammers that leverage on how they pick their daily winners.

Willie Revillame, the TV show’s host, randomly calls viewers from those who have commented on their social media accounts. Televiewers are posting their full names, addresses and mobile numbers in hopes that they will be called on-air.

While the intention of the show is to provide entertainment and assistance to those in need specially now that a lot are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘Wowowin’ is unfortunately driving their loyal followers to scammers and fraudsters who could be using their personal information for purposes beyond the program’s intent.

Multiple fake Facebook accounts, pages and groups were created to mimic Mr. Revillame and his show ‘Wowowin’.

While it’s easy to determine which one is legit as the show’s official account is verified, there are still some users who fell victim to these cloned social media accounts.

The fake Facebook accounts lure hopefuls to click on shortened URLs that would redirect to blog sites that also make use of Mr. Revillame’s images and his show’s logos. Multiple links are embedded on these blogs that when clicked would lead to more scam and phishing sites.

Some of the shortened URLs involved in this scheme are:

  • hxxps://bit.ly/sa-wowowin
  • hxxps://bit.ly/list-name-wowowin
  • hxxps://bit.ly/37cXTkz

Here are some of the blog sites created as landing page:

  • hxxps://enjoyforyourgifts[.]blogspot[.]com
  • hxxps://getmoneynowhere[.]blogspot[.]com

Fake Willie Revillame Facebook Accounts which also serve as admins of the fake FB Group:

  • https://www.facebook.com/admfitri.gagaltenar.14
  • https://www.facebook.com/adamchebongk.adamchebongk

Unverified Wowowin Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/760859501387070

The Facebook Group involved has a whopping 110,000 members as of today even when it was just created last May 29, 2020. In two week’s time, they managed to acquire these much of Facebook users all because they were able to ride on the popularity of ‘Wowowin’.

We have reported the involved dummy Facebook accounts to ‘Wowowin’ hoping that they’ll also do something against these fraudsters.

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