Similar to last week’s Facebook chat verification scam, Facebook users are once again being targeted for another attack this time using a video to instruct users on how they can get their friend’s Facebook password.

The same method is being used by hackers on this attack. Users are being asked to copy codes from a certain URL (this time using Google Docs) and pasting it to the web browser console. To make it more legit, there’s a statement saying that these steps are for “educational purpose only.” For victim’s convenience, a Facebook video has been embedded as well.

Once users followed the instructions, their accounts will be then hacked. This would allow the hackers to auto-tag your friends to do the same steps.

Hackers are indeed getting more creative each time that they launch an attack. For this specific move, they have already 1,387 likes and 144 shares as of this writing.

Should you encounter the same attack or received a notification to do the same, report it directly to Facebook so they can have it removed.Facebook_Password_Scam

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