New Facebook spam features Baron Geisler vs Kiko Matos URCC fight


To make sure you’re capturing the right audience, you have to be where they are. That’s precisely what spammers are doing. Social media is now a target platform for these people as they use the viral subjects to leverage their attacks.

The recent bout between celebrities Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos has been a much talked about topic specially in Facebook. Their URCC fight at Valkyrie last Saturday night was streamed online and a lot of netizens were following the latest updates of their fight via social media.

Like any other viral topics, spammers know how they can lure netizens by using catchy and legit-like titles and photos. The innocent netizens are then exposed to contents that are malicious in nature upon clicking on those spammed feeds.


We checked on one of the related spam links and discovered similar techniques from old reported Facebook spams. It will redirect you to a page that has a video to watch the fight but before doing so, you have to share the article to your Facebook account. This will only get your friends victimized too as the video won’t play even after sharing it multiple times.


When we checked on the homepage, all other viral videos are there but like the first video we first investigated, it will ask you to share it first before playing the other videos they have collected.

By the looks of the site, it seems like they are not into spreading any malicious files but they could easily do this should they wish to. The site was most likely created for ads where the creator/s can make money out of the number of people visiting their site.

This is just plain annoying but how can we stop this kind of scrap over the internet? Make sure to share only articles from reliable sources. You also have to make sure that you have an updated antivirus software installed both on your computer and mobile phone to initially block all these kinds of sites. If it’s not yet blocked, report it to your antivirus support immediately so it won’t victimized others too.

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