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PAL, Cebu Pacific to offer mobile, wi-fi services onboard

Both legacy carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) and budget airline Cebu Pacific Air will soon offer mobile and wi-fi services on board its flights according to a Rappler report.

Both companies have tied up with OnAir, a global inflight connectivity service company, which will provide the said services on long-haul flights of PAL and Cebu Pacific.

Cebu Pacific first announced these plans July of last year and will be first installed in its A330 aircraft catering flights to the Middle East, Australia, and eventually Europe and the US.

PAL, on the other hand, will install OnAir’s technology to its Airbus A330-343s and Boeing B777-300ERs for their Asia Pacific, Australasia and North American flights.

OnAir will ensure connectivity during flights with its coverage backed by its roaming deals with 350 mobile network operators and uses Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband network for worldwide satellite coverage.

This is certainly an upgrade to the current Philippine Internet service setup. Will it soon come to domestic flights as well? We’re not sure yet but I hope local airports will offer wi-fi services soon.

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Free WiFi Spots along NLEX, SLEX this Holy Week Powered by PLDT

Travelling this Holy Week? Take advantage of PLDT’s free service offering to those who’ll travel up north or down south.

The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) is offering free wifi access to motorists in select gasoline stations along North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) this Holy Week.

To avail of the service, travelers just need to go to the designated PLDT WiFi Zone booths to claim their Wifi PINs. Upon claiming, travelers just have to register and log on to experience PLDT’s fast and reliable Internet connections.

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Experience ‘No Limits’ in Job Hunting with Tattoo-JobStreet special edition broadband stick

Globe continuously strengthen its broadband brand especially now that Tattoo recently snatched the title as the number one broadband in the country. As part of the innovations that the network is doing for their growing subscribers, Tattoo tied up with JobStreet for the first-of-its-kind special edition broadband stick.

Just in time for the graduation season, newly grads can now experience ‘no limits’ in job hunting with the use of the limited edition Tattoo-JobStreet prepaid kit.

This special treat to graduating students will allow job hunters to access the JobStreet website and search for their dream job even if they have zero-prepaid balance. The unlimited access to JobStreet.com is initially available for one year and is currently exclusively available at the Globe Online Shop.

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Experience PLDT Fibr for 30 Days Free!

First launched late last year, PLDT Fibr, the country’s first fiber optic connection service offered to home users, is currently offering a free 30-day trial for the said service.

Tagged as one of the fastes internet service in the country, PLDT Fibr, as the name implies, utilizes the fiber optic technology. Users can get internet speeds of up to 8Mbps for Php3,500, 15Mbps for Php6,500 or 100Mbps for Php20,000.

Currently, this direct-to-home (DTTH) fiber optic data service of PLDT Fibr is available in selected Metro Manila subdivisions. As per press release, The DTTH service is already available to residents in Forbes Park and Urdaneta Village in Makati, Palms Pointe in Alabang, Wack Wack Village in Mandaluyong, and all Valle Varde Villages in Pasig.

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Globe SuperSurf50 connection problems

Before, Globe’s mobile internet data cap is at 1GB daily limit. Now, they lowered it to just 800MB. I’m okay with it since most of the time, I only do blogging and social networking whenever I’m online. I believe, these, along with researching for my freelance work, won’t consume an 800MB per day. So I switched to Globe Tattoo from Sun Broadband prepaid whose signal in my area is not too reliable.

Globe’s connection is way better than Sun’s. That I experienced during my first few registrations using their consumable package PowerSurf. It was with my subscription with SuperSurf50 that I got pissed off!

First, July 7, 2011. I registered to the service around 11:30PM. At around 12:30AM, my connection got disconnected. I tried calling their customer service but they’re only up until 12 midnight. Good thing they have their Chat Assist service through their web site. So I asked my room mate who’s also online during that time to lend me his laptop so I can converse with Globe reps.

During our conversation, I was told that there’s a signal problem in my area – particularly in the Cybergate 3 Mandaluyong City, the location of the cell site serving my area. So I accepted the reason and told them to fix the problem ASAP so I can work on my tasks that morning.

I woke up at around 10AM, July 8. When I plugged in my dongle, I got a message from 8888 saying that I have reached my 800MB limit for that day. Since I’m aware of this Fair Use Policy, I immediately contacted Globe Customer Service to tell them that I never get to use my subscription for more than an hour. I told them that it’s impossible that I’ll reach that limit in a minimal time without doing heavy online activities.

According to their Fair Use Policy, you’re only limited to these online activities so as not to exceed the 800MB daily limit:

  • Send/receive 22,400 plain text emails
  • Send/receive 2,720 emails with document attachments
  • View 2,720 web pages
  • Download 200 songs
  • Upload/download 1,600 social media posts
  • View 272 minutes of streaming video
  • Download 1 90-minute movie

For just an hour being online using SuperSurf50 subscription, do you think I can do more than these activities? The rep gave me a reference number afterwards saying that they’ll have it investigated. I trusted them. Ref # QCN11070005534.

The following day, July 9, I registered to SuperSurf50 at around 3AM. Connection was great. I was able to do my online duties. Everything seemed fine. So when I woke up at around 12NN, I expected that everything will remain okay. And then I got a message from 8888 saying that my subscription has already ended. This time, no 800MB-related issue. Plain and simple – I’m no longer registered to SuperSurf50 after 9 hrs (from 3AM-12NN).

No one ever replies on Twitter (@talk2Globe) where I posted most of my rants about the service. So I switched back to Sun Broadband and chatted via Globe’s Chat Assist. I reported the second incident and got another reference number: QCU11070000870.

I don’t know what’s happening to Globe’s system. It keeps on disconnecting my SuperSurf50 subscription. For now, I’ll be using my Sun Broadand SIM until they get this problem fixed. Please Globe, do the necessary actions and issue a refund.

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PLDT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa TRANSFORMS my Internet experience from 3Mbps to 5Mbps FREE!

The Philippines is not only known as the SMS Capital of the World. Recently, the country earned the crown as the World’s Social Networking Capital. Being the country that penetrates trending topics in Twitter and is one with the most number of subscribers in Facebook, we, Filipinos, always wanted to stay connected online. That’s why the need for a high speed connection is getting necessary for every household.

If you’re in PLDT myDSL, then this good news is for YOU!
PLDT will be doing an upgrade on their network starting this month of June. Soon, you’ll enjoy FREE and UNLIMITED speed boost of up to 5Mbps! Plus, your Triple Play Plan will not only gives you unlimited myDSL at 5Mbps, you will also get Watchpad with even more exclusive content and one (1) year FREE PLDT to PLDT NDD calls!

Enjoy this extra ordinary transformation you can get from PLDT myDSL Internet to Sawa and transform your Internet experience to the next level! As for me, not only do I get to experience a great online adventure with this 5Mbps upgrade but also, I get to be transformed from a reguular blogger to being a Nuffnanger! From now on, I get to stream, download, and play online as much as I want without the hassle disconnection and slow connection!
Visit http://www.myworldmydsl.com/ for more information or call 171 to confirm your subscripstion today!

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United Nations declares Internet access as basic human right

Along with food, clothing, shelter, education etc., United Nations declared free and uninterrupted Internet access as a basic human right stating it is”an indispensable tool for realizing a range of human rights, combating inequality, and accelerating development and human progress.”

Announced on June 3, 2011, the declaration comes in the midst of political uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa. According to the report “The Special Rapporteur underscores the unique and transformative nature of the Internet not only to enable individuals to exercise their right to freedom of opinion and expression, but also a range of other human rights, and to promote the progress of society as a whole.”

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Google launches speak-to-tweet service in Egypt

Great news! If you are one of those who are glued to the crisis in Egypt, well then, this one is a real good news hoping that we can still get connected to the people who are in the offline world.

In response to Egypt’s attempt to block all internet access in their country, web giant Google launches a service that won’t require internet service but would still allow the people in Egypt to post tweet news. The service, known as SayNow, is a collaboration project of Google with Twitter to make it possible to post tweets by just leaving  voice message.

The concept behind the speak-to-tweet service will provide us instant news as reported by those in Egypt. The service will instantly transform all voice messages to tweets which can be found using the hashtag #egypt.

Voice mail messages are sent through numbers +16504194196; +390662207294 or +97316199855. We can also hear these messages online via twitter.com/speak2tweet.

Earlier, Egypt’s four main Internet service providers – Link Egypt, Vodafone/Raya, Telecom Egypt and Etisalat Misr – went offline after days of protests against President Hosni Mubarak.

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BayanTel sets broadband cap at 100GB: Generous or Not?

Earlier, I posted about NTC’s proposal to cap broadband usage for each subscribers. Though the memo is yet to be re-drafted as the schedule for the public hearing this January 2011 is not yet announced, netizens are very much active in posting their opinions in various forum sites, blogs and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. TxtPower convenor Tonyo Cruz, along with concerned Filipino netizens Cocoy, Rom and Noemi, even initiated an online petition versus the said broadband cap.

Globe Telecom may have earlier implemented this via their SuperSurf promo which is limited to a 1 GB per day per subscriber under their Fair Use Policy but it was only recently that reports show that BayanTel is also limiting the amount of bandwidth they’re offering per user.

It’s also interesting to know that BayanTel, a less popular broadband choice, is giving 100 GB bandwidth limitation per month per subscriber.

Though BayanTel’s attempt to cap our internet usage is generous as compared to a leading brand, netizens are still skeptical about NTC’s proposal. The fact remains still that the agency that supposed to protect the consumers’ interest is leading an anti-netizen campaign.

This NTC memo, as the institution claims, provides assurance to the public that everyone will have a minimum guaranteed level of service from their chosen provider. But this memo also reflects a negative face, that the proposal is limiting our right to information. Remember that internet is part of a fast pacing technology. In the future, a 100 GB cap may not even fit to our growing number of online needs.

I, for instance, believe that a 100 GB cap per month is more than enough for a regular user. But with a wide variety of stuff you can do online, it’s not surprising if our regular bandwidth consumption today would grow ten times more in the coming years.

Any thoughts you want to share on this? Do you support NTC’s campaign on capping our broadband usage to practice fairness to all internet users?

UPDATE: NTC Public Hearing & Consultation regarding the  Minimum Speed of Broadband Connection will be on January 11 at 2 PM 3rd Floor, NTC Bldg.

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NTC’s Memo on Minimum Speed of Broadband Connections

With the growing number of Filipinos relying to the internet, National Telecommunications Commission’s (NTC) proposal to allow data volume caps is certainly unacceptable.

According to the reports, the recent NTC Memo includes a clause that allows our local telcos to limit our internet usage to avoid abusive users. But the report also shows that the number of the said abusers constitute to only one to two percent of the overall broadband users in the country. The memo merely punishes the general public by limiting our daily internet usage when in fact, as far as I know, our local telcos can easily pinpoint these abusive subscribers and warn them.

We need better internet connection and to do this, we must improve our infrastructures. Why focus on this area when they can exert more effort on providing us better service?

If the government can’t allow foreign companies to enter the country because they’re protecting our local telcos, then force them to improve their offers. I don’t think Pinoys would react more violently if Smart, Globe, PLDT etc are doing their best efforts to fully satisfy their customers whether on the quality of service we’re getting or on customer service, of which they both sucks.

UPDATE: NTC Public Hearing & Consultation regarding the  Minimum Speed of Broadband Connection will be on January 11 at 2 PM 3rd Floor, NTC Bldg. 

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