Before, Globe’s mobile internet data cap is at 1GB daily limit. Now, they lowered it to just 800MB. I’m okay with it since most of the time, I only do blogging and social networking whenever I’m online. I believe, these, along with researching for my freelance work, won’t consume an 800MB per day. So I switched to Globe Tattoo from Sun Broadband prepaid whose signal in my area is not too reliable.

Globe’s connection is way better than Sun’s. That I experienced during my first few registrations using their consumable package PowerSurf. It was with my subscription with SuperSurf50 that I got pissed off!

First, July 7, 2011. I registered to the service around 11:30PM. At around 12:30AM, my connection got disconnected. I tried calling their customer service but they’re only up until 12 midnight. Good thing they have their Chat Assist service through their web site. So I asked my room mate who’s also online during that time to lend me his laptop so I can converse with Globe reps.

During our conversation, I was told that there’s a signal problem in my area – particularly in the Cybergate 3 Mandaluyong City, the location of the cell site serving my area. So I accepted the reason and told them to fix the problem ASAP so I can work on my tasks that morning.

I woke up at around 10AM, July 8. When I plugged in my dongle, I got a message from 8888 saying that I have reached my 800MB limit for that day. Since I’m aware of this Fair Use Policy, I immediately contacted Globe Customer Service to tell them that I never get to use my subscription for more than an hour. I told them that it’s impossible that I’ll reach that limit in a minimal time without doing heavy online activities.

According to their Fair Use Policy, you’re only limited to these online activities so as not to exceed the 800MB daily limit:

  • Send/receive 22,400 plain text emails
  • Send/receive 2,720 emails with document attachments
  • View 2,720 web pages
  • Download 200 songs
  • Upload/download 1,600 social media posts
  • View 272 minutes of streaming video
  • Download 1 90-minute movie

For just an hour being online using SuperSurf50 subscription, do you think I can do more than these activities? The rep gave me a reference number afterwards saying that they’ll have it investigated. I trusted them. Ref # QCN11070005534.

The following day, July 9, I registered to SuperSurf50 at around 3AM. Connection was great. I was able to do my online duties. Everything seemed fine. So when I woke up at around 12NN, I expected that everything will remain okay. And then I got a message from 8888 saying that my subscription has already ended. This time, no 800MB-related issue. Plain and simple – I’m no longer registered to SuperSurf50 after 9 hrs (from 3AM-12NN).

No one ever replies on Twitter (@talk2Globe) where I posted most of my rants about the service. So I switched back to Sun Broadband and chatted via Globe’s Chat Assist. I reported the second incident and got another reference number: QCU11070000870.

I don’t know what’s happening to Globe’s system. It keeps on disconnecting my SuperSurf50 subscription. For now, I’ll be using my Sun Broadand SIM until they get this problem fixed. Please Globe, do the necessary actions and issue a refund.

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