Globe SuperSurf50 connection problems

Before, Globe's mobile internet data cap is at 1GB daily limit. Now, they lowered it to just 800MB. I'm okay with it since most of the time, I only do blogging and social networking whenever I'm online. I believe, these, along … [Read more...]

Subscribe to Sun Broadband Wireless Plan 350 LITE Now!

 The battle for broadband connection speed is still in the peak. Subscribers are still looking out for better options. Well, look no more for here comes another great offer from the proven fastest broadband connection in METRO … [Read more...]

Get Internet Anytime, Anywhere with Sun Broadband Wireless

It’s been a month now that I’m using Sun Broadband Wireless as my partner in my online life. After being with the other network for one year, I decided to shift to Sun Broadband Wireless for its convenient in going anywhere you … [Read more...]

Goodbye SmartBro, Hello Sun BW!

I just recently switch from SmartBro to Sun Broadband Wireless after my contract from the first ended.It's been a year already that I've been using the SmartBro Plan 999 and I could say that in my area where it was installed … [Read more...]