It’s been a month now that I’m using Sun Broadband Wireless as my partner in my online life. After being with the other network for one year, I decided to shift to Sun Broadband Wireless for its convenient in going anywhere you go.

I can say that overall, I’m satisfied with Sun Broadband Wireless. I can point some advantages like compared to other plug-it broadband plans available, Sun has the cheapest monthly service fee. For as low as PhP799 a month (or PhP649 if you have an existing mobile plan with them – Sun postpaid users), you can enjoy unlimited internet access. This is way cheaper to other unlimited plug-it plan with PhP1,500. Sun Broadband Wireless’ prepaid kit is just PhP1,895 and this comes with free 180 hours of surfing!

So, why do I say that Sun’s broadband service is more practical to avail? Because plug-it modems are today’s ‘in’ thing. Everybody wants to access internet with their laptop in anywhere they go. Though malls and other establishments are now equipped with Wi-Fi, there’s still a need for us to have our very own source of internet access. Take for example, you’re a student and you’re doing a research work. You need to go over to a friend’s place for you to discuss things in your research. I guess, having your own laptop and your Sun Broadband Wireless with you is an advantage!

This is to give you an idea of the unlimited advantages you may get when subscribing with Sun Broadband Wireless. To make it fair with the other networks, I also gave you an idea of Sun’s limited access. Sun’s coverage is dependent with their cell sites. As of today, 3G is only available in Metro Manila and North Luzon. Though you can still use the service in areas not covered with Sun’s 3G, this may not give you the same speed that 3G covered areas are enjoying.

Sun Broadband Wireless uses the fastest HSDPA technology with speeds of up to 3 Mbps. Now that they are officially covering North Luzon (previously they are only limited to the Metro Manila area), it will not be a surprise if in the coming months, the 3 Mbps speed will be available nationwide.

And to give you some sort of discount by merely reading this article, you can order through this blog by contacting yours truly, Fjordz at 09209824917 or 09225679716. For any questions, you can leave a comment here and I’ll answer it as soon as possible. You can also email me at

Again, you can place your orders here and I’ll give you a DISCOUNT, promise! I can even ask Sun Broadband Wireless people to personally deliver it to your doorsteps! So spread the word!

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