Goodbye SmartBro, Hello Sun BW!

I just recently switch from SmartBro to Sun Broadband Wireless after my contract from the first ended.

It’s been a year already that I’ve been using the SmartBro Plan 999 and I could say that in my area where it was installed (Hidalgo, Quiapo, Manila), its good considering that there are a lot of negative feedback regarding SmartBro. For some rare cases, I do experience intermittent connections but overall, for the whole year being with their service, I would say that I was satisfied.

Since my lifestyle is somewhat mobile. I go here and there to cover events for work and blogging purposes. And to satisfy my internet needs in these times, I need an unlimited broadband connection that I can use whenever and wherever I am.

Globe doesn’t have any plug-it broadband that is unlimitted, SmartBro offers it for PhP1,500 (too expensive) while Sun Broadband Wireless offers various options for you to choose from (though with limited 3G coverage which is within Metro Manila only).

I bought the Sun Broadband Wireless SIM Plan 799 (with 1 month advanced payment). This one, I don’t have any contract with Sun so whenever I get dissatisfied with their service, I can easily switch to a better one. And since a friend of mine, a co-blogger, has a spare modem, I bought it in a cheaper price (its the older version).

I checked the speed throught and got this results:

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