I was on my way to school via MRT when I saw a huge billboard with a huge 4G on it. I was able to get the word ‘wi-tribe’ and take note of it so that I could search for it online.

While browsing on it’s web page, wi-tribe is the first broadband service in the country to offer 4G for internet connection. I came to know that wi-tribe is from Liberty Broadcasting Network. This time, it sounds familiar.

I was actually tweeting a representative from Liberty last January 2010 and she was saying that they’re going to offer 4G broadband service to the country. I was really excited about that knowing that our local broadband service providers offer too slow internet connections. But since I deleted my Twitter account weeks after our conversation, I never heard any update about the launch of that 4G broadband service.

Good to know that I was able to catch that billboard in EDSA. Yes, wi-tribe is here to bring us the true ‘fastest internet’ that others claim on their advertisements. But, I haven’t tried their service yet. 

According to their website, they offer the same monthly subscription plan as to their competitors. For PhP998/month, you’ll get to experience the 4G internet speed from wi-tribe. This is an introductory offer, as the site mentioned.

I assumed that the service is currently available to Metro Manila since there were no mentions of provincial coverage. But I still tried asking them. Once they replied on my request, I’ll let you know by updating this blog.

UPDATE as of March 09, 2010: wi-tribe replied from my email regarding their service area. Since I am living in Marilao, Bulacan, obviously, it’s not covered with their 4G service area. Here’s their reply:

Dear Fjordan Allegro,

We received your inquiry regarding coverage in your specified area on March 8, 2010.

Initially, we have covered the major cities in Metro Manila. Your area in Loma de Gato Marilao Bulacan however is still a part of wi-tribe expansion plan. Rest assured that we will get in touch with you as

soon as we start servicing your location.

wi-tribe ,)

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3 thoughts on “wi-tribe is Philippines’s First 4G Broadband Service Provider”
  1. The service is great. Speeds are consistent. I never go below 800kbps. I live in BF Paranaque. Already used it in a lot of locations like Prens autoshop, some of the restaurants in BF and in houses ng mga barkada ko. What you do is to call their customer care hotline or check out their website to see if your area is covered. Just google their website. A sales guy will go to your house so you can check the service yourself before you buy. Definitely better than smartbro or globe tatoo.

  2. thanks for the heads up… will be looking forward for this service…

    i just hope that they’ll be soon servicing laguna area from where i am currently living..

    by the way, smart bro sucks, don’t be fooled by their commercials…

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