Earlier, I posted about NTC’s proposal to cap broadband usage for each subscribers. Though the memo is yet to be re-drafted as the schedule for the public hearing this January 2011 is not yet announced, netizens are very much active in posting their opinions in various forum sites, blogs and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. TxtPower convenor Tonyo Cruz, along with concerned Filipino netizens Cocoy, Rom and Noemi, even initiated an online petition versus the said broadband cap.

Globe Telecom may have earlier implemented this via their SuperSurf promo which is limited to a 1 GB per day per subscriber under their Fair Use Policy but it was only recently that reports show that BayanTel is also limiting the amount of bandwidth they’re offering per user.

It’s also interesting to know that BayanTel, a less popular broadband choice, is giving 100 GB bandwidth limitation per month per subscriber.

Though BayanTel’s attempt to cap our internet usage is generous as compared to a leading brand, netizens are still skeptical about NTC’s proposal. The fact remains still that the agency that supposed to protect the consumers’ interest is leading an anti-netizen campaign.

This NTC memo, as the institution claims, provides assurance to the public that everyone will have a minimum guaranteed level of service from their chosen provider. But this memo also reflects a negative face, that the proposal is limiting our right to information. Remember that internet is part of a fast pacing technology. In the future, a 100 GB cap may not even fit to our growing number of online needs.

I, for instance, believe that a 100 GB cap per month is more than enough for a regular user. But with a wide variety of stuff you can do online, it’s not surprising if our regular bandwidth consumption today would grow ten times more in the coming years.

Any thoughts you want to share on this? Do you support NTC’s campaign on capping our broadband usage to practice fairness to all internet users?

UPDATE: NTC Public Hearing & Consultation regarding the  Minimum Speed of Broadband Connection will be on January 11 at 2 PM 3rd Floor, NTC Bldg.

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