Looks like another social networking site is up! But, this time, it’s better than those that we’ve come to enjoy. Or I guess, by definition, this is not categorically under the social networking block.

Well, I’m kinda’ new to the environment of Gloo, the newest social network site in the world wide web. It’s affiliated with Globe Broadband and it’s sister brands such as Globe Telecom, G-Cash, TM, etc. If you are a subscriber of these brands, you can fully enjoy the service of the site.

I was actually browsing the site to experience all the features that it offers. And to my surprise, it’s not just the usual networking site.

Gloo is some kind of an online scrapbook. It allows you to doodle and write things on a canvas in real time. Thus, it can be of service in various online stuff that you might want to venture with including group meetings, organizational message board, barkada online conference, etc. On my part, as a student leader, this can be an effective tool in meeting up with your members online when we’re all out of school. For example, an emergency meeting has to be done but we’re all at home. Staying up online and do the necessary updates and conversation thru Gloo is an advantage. Plus, Gloo is capable of sharing photos, uploading videos, chatting and doodling! It’s like putting up an online venue in replacement of a real-time meeting place!

You might want to somehow check how does it look like inside Gloo. Below is a screenshot of my Gloo page. As you can see, it’s still clean and clear. Perhaps, I’m still waiting for my friends to join me in this newest online tambayan. You too can join me here! And as the community grows bigger and popular, there will surely be more developments that will be added to the site that will allow the new generations to let their personality matched with the site.

You may inquire about Gloo on this link. So, start spreading the good news! Philippines, be ready to be Glooed!
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