Yesterday, all Globe users received messages from friends saying that they could register for free to unlimited text messaging service via Globe UnliTxt Telus. That was around 5PM when the news circulated within the Globe network but after 6PM, when most of the subscribers are trying their luck for the promo, Globe Telecom closed the said service.
I actually tweeted Globe about this promo last night and the network, via their official Twitter account @talk2Globe, replied saying that ‘Unlitxt Telus is not a standard Globe prepaid offer open to everybody. Subscribers who registered will be unsubscribed from the service and will be charged standard SMS rates. To enjoy unlimited texts to Globe/TM, text UNLITXT20 to 8888 for P20, good for 1 day. To enjoy texts to all networks, text ATXT20 to 8888 for 200 texts to any network for P20, good for 1 day. TY #GlobeHelp
Globe didn’t promoted nor commercialized the Unlitxt Telus but obviously, their 8888 gateway is accepting the keyword sent by lucky subscribers which only means that Unlitxt Telus is part of Globe’s services. I’m guessing that Globe’s developers are trying out a new service through Unlitxt Telus but unfortunately, the test project was sent as group message which circulated among all Globe subscribers.
Anyway, lucky for those who were able to register to the test service that they enjoyed one day unlimited p2p texting!

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  1. hehe.may taga-check ka na pala ng grammar ngayon, fjordz. hehe. bakit kaya di ko nakatanggap ng ganyang text? sayang isang buong araw ng unlitxt!

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