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Today marks the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elections in the Philippines. I, for one, voted early today to avoid any hassle. So far, election precincts open smoothly and early voters were able to vote peacefully. I guess, being a resident of a subdivision here in Bulacan, it really didn’t matter if you came in late in the afternoon to vote. I mean, we have less people here as compared to the population in most areas in Metro Manila and other key cities. We have almost-zero percent election-related violence. I can’t even remember of any violence documented in our area ever since I became a registered voter.
Barangay and SK election may be not be as big as the national elections but this is where everything starts. Barangay and SK officials are our immediate political partners. We can easily call them to ask for help. We should, by any chance, find way to know them. 
So for those who haven’t voted yet, or deciding not to vote, think it over and over. This is the only chance we can let our voices be heard. So don’t let this chance pass. Go out and vote!
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