The Philippine’s first automated election can be generally claimed victorious. Though there are technical issues concerning the PCOS machines on some areas, given that this is our first try, we could still consider the results as a success.

But aside from the technological advancement showcased on our national elections, top media TV stations also showed high-end technologies that were integrated for the first time in a news coverage in the country. GMA News used ‘hologram technology’ in interviewing their reporters and key respondents based on various areas around the country. Meanwhile, ABS-CBN News used Virtual Presence Technology via Augmented Reality. For non-technical people, we could easily conclude that the two are just the same. But taking them technically, they are not.

According to, ‘Hologram is an image registered with use of coherent laser light. It allows to preserve the 3-D information of a holographed subject. With a single source of white light, the image is “played back” and appears in 3-D exactly as it was registered in the studio. Image can project deep inside, or “stick” out of the picture.’ 

For Augmented Reality, Wikipedia defines it as ‘a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery. It is related to a more general concept called mediated reality in which a view of reality is modified (possibly even diminished rather than augmented) by a computer. As a result, the technology functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality.’

Both are computer-generated images added to the TV screens. But what differs GMA News’s ‘Hologram Technology’ with that of ABS-CBN News’s ‘Augmented Reality’ is the process of producing these image effects.

Both news organizations received positive feedback about this new technology but are also receiving negative comments saying that the ‘holograms’ and ‘virtual presence’ are fake.

Here’s the video of ABS-CBN’s ‘Virtual Presence Technology via Augmented Reality’ and below it is GMA’s ‘Hologram Technology.’ Compare it yourself:

ABS-CBN earlier reported the difference between the two technologies used in their network and with that of GMA Network. Here’s a clip of the report of TJ Manotoc:

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9 thoughts on “GMA-7’s ‘Hologram Technology’ vs ABS-CBN’s ‘Virtual Presence Technology’”
  1. I agree. Magaling na kung sa magaling sila pareho magreport or whatever pero ang topic is about their technology. GMA used hologram effect “kuno” to make it sound hightech but in reality, they used green screen effect na shinu-shoot sa kabilang studio lang ng same building! nabuking na sila about that. bakit mo pa ihohologram effect yung nasa kabilang studio lang, edi pumunta na lang kaya sya dun sa news room! it doesnt make sense, para lang masabing ginamitan ng hologram ek ek.
    Unlike sa ABS, nasa field talaga yung mga reporters na pinoproject nila sa augmented reality. and may reflection sa floor yung effect nila, yung sa gma wala. sobrang flat image and yung camera hindi man lang magzoom-in zoom out. camera angles lang ginawa nila but not zoom in zoom out.

  2. Ang issue dito eh nagkamali ang GMA nang when they used the term “HOLOGRAM”. “Augmented Reality” lang naman ung ginawa nila. Good service should be associated with precise information. Tandaan na nanonood tayo ng telebisyon sa kadahilanang nais nating matuwa, at matuto. Isaalang-alang lagi na responsibilidad ng mga TV networks ang magbigay ng totoong balita sa paraang totoo at hindi basta “makatotohanan” lamang. Baw!

  3. yeah… true.. wala silang binatbat sa GMA pagdating sa pagbabalita at pag entertain sa tao…. Ultimo motto nga nang aagaw sila eh… Biruin mo, gamitin ba nman yung line n ‘serbisyong totoo’ sa morning show nila, tapos nung maisip na hindi kanila binuo yung line at pinulaan. Walang kinikilingan, walang pinoprotekhan, serbisyong totoo lamang. Sabi nung isang lalaking host yung may salamin na maliit, dapat daw may kinikilingan at dapat daw may pinoprotektahan.. yun daw yung katotohanan… tam yun, pero pano malalaman ng tao katotohanan kung hindi mo bibigyan ng patas na laban…??? tapat at patas na pagbabalita ang dapat…

  4. inggit lang ang ABS..truth of the matter..ABS has less fact, they came out very late in the tally..ABC 5 even came out with their tally way ahead of ABS..palpak coverage ng ABS, they just can’t admit it! small issues..ABS tries to blow it out of proportion. probably ABS election coverage ratings were down so they’re creating a big fuss about what GMA did…poor ABS. I Pity them!

  5. hay naku ewan ko ba s 2 station na ito… wlang katapusang kumpetisyon… but i amazed with GMA’s elction coverage special… talagang nonsop yung coverage unlike ABS-CBN

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