The website of the local apparel brand and social enterprise Boardwalk got hacked by PureHackers last July 25th, Wednesday.

In a post published on their Facebook page, PureHackers said that they don’t have any intention to harm the company. Perhaps, this is their way of saying that Boardwalk’s website is still unsecured.

According to Boardwalk’s records in Zone-H, this isn’t their first time to be defaced. Back in 2006, the company’s website was also compromised by a certain GUARD_FB who belong to a Turkish and Muslim group of hackers.

It seemed like Boardwalk has yet to realize that their page has already been breached as two days since the defacement, PureHackers’ web vandal on their domain remains active. We will, however, contact Boardwalk to let them know of this incident. Hopefully, they’d be able to figure out how to make their website secured.

Boardwalk’s website isn’t just a typical company profile page as it also has an online shopping feature. Given that, the company should put online security its top priority to protect the information of their customers.

Boardwalk was penetrated this time anew by Xscyth3, the same hacker who also targetted the database of Polytechnic University of the Philippines recently.


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