Local blackhat group PureHackers hit the website of Department of Education (DepEd) in Antique.

DepEd Antique is the latest victim of homegrown hackers who’ve been targetting various websites of the agency. For this year alone, we’ve blogged about the defacements of their websites in Angeles City, Pampanga (hacked by Pinoy LulzSec last May 14), Marikina (hacked by Anonymous Philippines last May 13) and Calamba, Laguna (breached by Pinoy LulzSec last April 1).

Given that DepEd is seemed to be a favorite target of these hackers, shouldn’t the agency be more proactive in ensuring that security measures are now in place on their other websites? Or, at the very least, coordinate with authorities to catch the culprits that have been toying on their websites? We’ll try to get DepEd’s take on this but hopefully, they will do something to fix what needs to be fixed on their websites.

It was Xscyth3, the hacker behind the attacks against the state university Polytechnic University of the Philippines and apparel brand Boardwalk, who initiated the defacement of DepEd Antique’s website. He has yet to post anything on social media, at least as of this writing, about the purpose of this recent attack. But, one thing is clear, his likes would continue to compromise any websites as long as they’re capable to do it.

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